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SMART Center
Welcome to The SMART Center. We help you connect and grow.  

The SMART Center is a multi-use, historic facility born out of the Greenville SMART Initiatives. The building has been repurposed for community good, for growth, and for entrepreneurship.

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All for Growth

The SMART Center features shared space for university students, community members, and businesses. This hub of productivity nurtures startups, hosts businesses, encourages innovation, and educates and connects people.

Economic Development

Linking the resources of the university and community, the SMART Center will create a robust, entrepreneur-friendly environment. Greenville SMART initiatives will help sustain and grow existing companies while encouraging the creation and growth of new businesses.

High Impact Education

Greenville SMART initiatives take education beyond the walls of traditional academia and focus on collaboration and resource connection. By reframing and reimagining higher education, Greenville University will be uniquely positioned to meet the needs of today’s diverse student population and prepare them to serve their future jobs and their communities with character and competence.

Community Connection

The SMART Center is a hub for connection. Located on Greenville’s historic town square, the 10,800 square foot three-story brick building serves as a symbolic stake in the ground and visual reminder of the commitment to becoming Greenville SMART.

  • Cultivate economic development
  • Provide high impact educational opportunities for university students and community members alike
  • Create connections for an entire town and surrounding region
What will The SMART Center provide?
  • Curated programming and events focused on enriching community life
  • Engaging and interactive learning opportunities for students of all ages
  • Supporting local entrepreneurs with business services, membership, and amenities through a co-working space.