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What does it mean to be Greenville SMART?

Committed to cultivating a strong and vibrant future, the citizens of Greenville, Illinois imagined what might be possible if community leaders, business owners, educators, entrepreneurs, and students shared a common vision. The answer is uniquely Greenville and definitely smart. It’s Greenville SMART, a distinctly collaborative strategy for the future – shared by a small town and its university.

Greenville, Illinois

Founded in 1815, Greenville is one of the oldest communities in the State of Illinois. Situated at the seat of Bond County, it boasts over 200 years of ingenuity fueled by an enterprising spirit. Greenville’s motto, “Arms Wide Open:” echoes the town’s history as a stop along the Underground Railroad and the welcoming nature of its citizens. Today Greenville is known for its agri-entrepreneurs, quaint and comfortable town square, and its manufacturing of specialty goods – including band uniforms, scoreboards, high-end milk and artisan cheeses.

Greenville University

For over a century, Greenville University has dedicated itself to providing a Christ-centered transforming education to all. Prior to GU’s founding, the campus served as home to Almira College, a school focused on advancing the education of women. In September 1892, Greenville College, now a university, opened its doors to 80 women and men, beginning service as one of Illinois’ first colleges. Today Greenville University graduates approximately 450 students a year and holds true to its mission to empower students for lives of character and service to the world.

Greenville SMART Initiatives: Innovation through Connection and Collaboration

Greenville University and the City of Greenville are committed to initiatives that unify their resources and connections with those of regional businesses and organizations. These initiatives will:

  • Cultivate economic development
  • Provide high impact educational opportunities for university students and community members alike
  • Create connection for an entire town and surrounding region